I Work Remotely

Here are some of my works done over these 6+ years working remotely.


Listen to curated instrumental music to increase your productivity and focus while coding, programming, working or studying.

react, redux, firebase, typescript, redux, web


YachtLife lets users charter luxury yachts with the tap of a button via its first-in-market mobile app. Currently live in Miami, Bahamas, New York City, The Hamptons, Chicago, Newport, and Ibiza.

react, typescript, redux, web


Dinely is revolutionizing America’s dining experience and it is currently launching in Miami, Florida.

mobile, react, react native, redux, web

Train Effective

Train Effective is a London-based company focused on creating an online football academy.

firebase, mobile, react, react native, redux, sql, web


Share Tempus is a venture-capital ($1Mil+) backed SaaS company that provides a sharing economy startups transaction-level damage and liability protection through a sophisticated API solution.

api, meteorjs, mongodb, nodejs, python, react, redux, web


A4PM is a Brazilian company that develops projects focused on Business Intelligence (BI), IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure.

angular, pentaho, react, web


PartiO is a social marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing the way college students use their stuff.

blaze, meteorjs, mobile, mongodb