I Work Remotely

Here are some of my works done over these 4 years working remotely.


Dinely is revolutionizing America’s dining experience and it is currently launching in Miami, Florida.

mobile, react, react native, redux, web

Train Effective

Train Effective is a London-based company focused on creating an online football academy.

firebase, mobile, react, react native, redux, sql, web


Share Tempus is a venture-capital ($1Mil+) backed SaaS company that provides a sharing economy startups transaction-level damage and liability protection through a sophisticated API solution.

api, meteorjs, mongodb, nodejs, python, react, redux, web


A4PM is a Brazilian company that develops projects focused on Business Intelligence (BI), IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure.

angular, pentaho, react, web


PartiO is a social marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing the way college students use their stuff.

blaze, meteorjs, mobile, mongodb