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Dinely is revolutionizing America’s dining experience and it is currently launching in Miami, Florida.

mobile, react, react native, redux, web


User Mobile App

Dinely LoginDinely MapDinely Map ListDinely Restaurant DetailsDinely ReservationDinely Reservation DetailsDinely Reservation Success

Manager Mobile App

Dinely Manager LoginDinely Manager OptionsDinely Manager SidebarDinely Manager ReservationsDinely Manager Manage ReservationDinely Manager DiscountsDinely Manager Create DiscountDinely Manager Profile

Web App

Dinely Web HomeDinely Web MapDinely Web Map Filters


Lucas is the best React Developer and Front-End Developer, I have had the pleasure to work with. Whatever company Lucas goes to will truly be blessed to have one of the most knowledgeable and skilled React Developers at their disposal. And on top of that, one with insane drive and dedication to go the extra mile for his team.

Evan Laird - Growth Marketing Consultant